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District of Idaho

Chief Probation Officer David C. Congdon

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Court Operations (1304)

The United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Idaho as well as Probation and Pretrial announce operating with reduced staff.  For full details and pro se email filing links, please visit the COVID-19 Information section of this website. 

The District of Idaho is currently operating under a "Moderate Risk" level. Public access to the courthouses will be strictly limited to those individuals with specific business, e.g., those attending a hearing or visiting their probation officer. All individuals (unvaccinated and fully vaccinated), including staff, are required to wear a mask when in the public areas of the courthouses. Mask requirements for all in-court proceedings will be subject to the presiding judge’s discretion.
United States Probation & Pretrial Services for the District of Idaho
Mission Statement
The Charter For Excellence

The Charter for Excellence states the shared professional identity, goals, and values of probation and pretrial services officers throughout the United States.  Developed in 2002 through a cooperative effort by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the Chief's Advisory Group, the Charter forms the foundation for every District's commitment to the profession.

In Idaho, we considered the Charter our primary influence in developing our Mission Statement and ultimately, the Strategic Plan designed to translate the Statement into action.

Updated on Feb 26, 2014
District of Idaho Mission Statement

The District's Mission Statement was completed in February 2012 and represents a commitment by this District to excellence in the field of probation and pretrial services.  The Mission Statement establishes four primary goals of the operations and administration of this District's personnel:

  • The fair administration of justice.
  • Increasing the safety of our communities.
  • Developing ourselves and our organization.
  • The responsible guidance of those under our authority and responsibility.

In September 2013, the District's Strategic Plan was created to identify, communicate, and pursue strategies designed to fulfill each of the goals outlined in the Mission Statement. The complete plan can be found at the link on the left side navigation of this page.

Updated on Sep 04, 2014

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